Introducing the ReadyFUND$® Payroll Card Program

The ReadyFUND$ Payroll Card is a Prepaid MasterCard® employers provide to their employees for direct deposit of payroll, even those employees without a bank account. There are numerous benefits to businesses and their employees that result from converting 100% of employee payroll to direct deposit using the ReadyFUND$ Payroll Card Program.

ReadyFUND$ provides Businesses with
"The eZway to Deliver Pay®"

ReadyFUND$ benefits businesses by reducing the costs of paper check payroll using the ReadyFUND$ Payroll Card to convert 100% of employees to electronic pay through direct deposit.

Using the ReadyFUND$ Prepaid MasterCard to replace paper payroll checks also increases workplace productivity and provides employees with a great new benefit.

EVEN MORE BENEFITS… There are no card costs, no load fees and no monthly account service fees!


ReadyFUND$ provides Employees with
"The eZway to Access Pay®"

ReadyFUND$ benefits employees by providing them the security and convenience of a MasterCard Prepaid Debit Card to make purchases and get cash at thousands of ATM's.

ReadyFUND$ Cardholders also have access to the eZsuite® of financial services to help them save money and reduce time spent managing and worrying about financial affairs.

EVEN MORE BENEFITS… Employees can access 100% of their pay at no charge and there are no monthly maintenance fees!

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